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echinococcosisEchinococcosis is a big problem for medical parasitology. Larval (laryngeal) echinococcosis is one of the most dangerous parasitic invasions, since they are characterized by a chronic course with subsequent complications. As a result of the activity of echinococci in patients, serious disturbances in the work of organs and systems can occur, which leads to disability or even death. The main problem is the difficulty of diagnosing the disease at an early stage due to a prolonged latency period (5 to 75 years).

How is the process of infection with echinococcus?

The high incidence rate of echinococcosis occurs in regions where livestock, low living standards and sanitary conditions are violated. In the absence of these factors, morbidity is associated with immigration and tourism. But despite the reason for the incidence, timely diagnosis is difficult in both cases.

The causative agent of echinococcosis is Echinococcus granulosus. He infects carnivores, and then a man. Scientists believe that a man as host presents a dead end to biological development for a parasite: a parasite degenerates into a cyst that is a fluid-filled bladder.

How is Echinococcus Infection Diagnosed?

The detection of the disease is a difficult task, because of the asymptomatic course after infection and when the cysts are located deep in the organ. Patients often seek medical help already when the cyst reaches a large size. In this case, as a rule, complications appear:

  • the formation of pus in the cyst area;
  • ruptured cysts.

larvalThe most effective methods for detecting echinococci are the use of ultrasound or X-rays. This allows you to diagnose cysts from 1-3 cm in diameter and prescribe timely treatment, preserving the integrity of the organs.

How is echinococcosis treated?

In the early stages of the disease, when the cysts did not reach significant dimensions, it is advisable to carry out drug therapy with antihelminthic drugs. One of them is Albenza. It inhibits the processes of vital activity of parasites and simultaneously affects their metabolism, digestive system and energy metabolism. Albenza is an effective remedy for controlling echinococcus. You can buy the drug at the pharmacy or order it online.

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