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sarcoptes scabies info


Scabies – parasitic infection of the skin, the causative agent of which is the scabies mite. The parasite can be seen on the skin with the naked eye, it is a white point no larger than the poppy seed.

Causative agent of scabies

Scabies tick refers to the class of insects. The length of the female is half a centimeter, beneath the skin, it makes its own moves, in which about 3 eggs are laid each day. Later, larvae appear from them. The female lives up to a month, and the larvae become full individuals after several stages of development that occur in the skin of a person. Then on the surface of the skin they mate, the males die, and the females continue to lay eggs. Just at that time, infection can occur, and the mites infect the new host.

The contact (direct) mode of parasite transmission is caused by the following factors:

  • Scabies are active at night, when females are selected on the surface;scabie mite
  • The female mite needs at least half an hour to penetrate the skin;
  • Outside the body of the host the mite quickly dies (can be at room temperature for up to three days).

Symptomatic manifestations of scabies

There are three primary symptoms by which a disease can be detected:

  • itching on the skin;
  • allergic rashes on the products of mites;
  • the presence of strokes under the skin.

In some cases, some primary manifestations may be absent, which may make diagnosis difficult, but there are some eponomic signs that help you identify scabies. It:

  1. Ardie’s symptom: the appearance of pustules and crusts with purulent contents on the elbows and around the elbows;
  2. Gorchakov’s symptom: appearance on the spot of the manifestation of Ardi’s symptom of bloody crusts;
  3. Symptom Michaelis: the appearance of bloody crusts and pustular rash in the mezhyagodic fold and sacrum;
  4. Symptom Cesary: itch scabs are probed during examination.

Treatment of scabies

treatment scabies
treatment of scabies

The therapy of scabies is aimed at the destruction of ticks with the help of antiparasitic drugs. One such remedy is the drug Stromectol, based on the active substance ivermectin. Stromectol stops the transmission of neuromuscular impulses, which leads to the death of scabies. You can buy the medicine from the pharmacy or order it online at the online store.

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