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cirrhosisCirrhosis of the liver is a chronic liver disease characterized by a high mortality rate. It develops as a result of replacing the healthy tissue of the body with stromal or fibrotic. Such changes are reflected in the external structure of the liver: it becomes more dense and tuberous. Sometimes cirrhosis can be detected when examining the patient during palpation.

Who is at risk?

There are several reasons that can contribute to the development of cirrhosis and an important role in this is played by the lifestyle of a person. Patients at risk are those who come in contact with hepatotoxic substances, including:

  • Alcohol;
  • Chlorine-containing solvents (dichloroethane, tetrachloroethane);
  • Some antineoplastic agents;

symptoms of liver cirrhosis

In addition, one can speak of a predisposition to cirrhosis in cases with metabolic peculiarities of a person (including an innate decrease in the activity of the enzyme system), as a result of which the majority of drugs that break up in the liver lead to its damage. Cirrhosis can also have a viral (hepatitis B and C, especially with prolonged or chronic course) and parasitic nature. In 10-35% of patients with cirrhosis can not determine the cause of the disease.

What methods are used to treat cirrhosis of the liver?

With cirrhosis, pain in the right hypochondrium, overflow of the veins of the abdomen, swelling and problems with the gastrointestinal tract are noted. This is only a small list of health problems, the number and severity of symptoms depends on the stage of the disease. The standard treatment regimen includes:

  1. Reception of medicines: hepatoprotectors, substitution therapy with bile acid, decongestants, antibiotics for complications with elevated temperature. Most drugs can be bought in a pharmacy without a prescription or ordered online. Among the decongestants, the drug Aldactone performed well. It affects the mechanisms of fluid accumulation at the hormonal level, due to which it has a high efficiency.
  2.  Dietotherapy. Food should be light, but high-grade and contain a set of necessary substances without preservatives and chemical additives. Alcohol is necessarily excluded.

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