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Hello dear readers!

sympathetic doctorWhoever you are – whether a doctor, a student of medical or any other profile, a researcher, an office worker or just any other person and desire for knowledge – welcome to the blog of medical products! In this world, there are endless fields of little-known facts about medicine and doctors that have accumulated over many centuries, mountains of information about diseases and methods of treatment, going back to the depths of centuries.

pharmacistSo, you came to us. You are probably wondering what could be so unusual, useful and entertaining that it can surprise you. We can assure you – we will find something to please! We will show and explain how to save money on the purchase of expensive medicines.

Well, and more: the authors of the block as part of a small team in a test mode launched a site dedicated to generics, for which we will try to make mischief and price comparison for generic pills from different online pharmacies.